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From: Bernhard Kuchinka
Date: 30 Nov 2007
Subject: Viscovery releases version 5 of its visual data mining suite

November 2007 - The data-mining specialist Viscovery Software GmbH (Vienna, Austria) launches version 5.0 of the ViscoveryŽ visual analysis platform. In addition to numerous extensions and usability improvements, the new release provides full automation and integration functionality for the generation and application of analytical models.

In particular, the handling of data sets with many variables has been optimized. The Viscovery platform now provides easier and better performance for processing data sets with over 10,000 variables, a common occurrence in text-mining applications or the analysis of gene data. Working with and validation of models has also been substantially extended. In addition to real-time access to original data sets through the visual models, the Viscovery platform provides complete, context-sensitive statistical information about microclusters and selected segments.

Intuitive and interactive data representation for exploratory analyses as well as patented technology for nonlinear prediction make Viscovery 5 an unrivaled data-mining solution. The Viscovery platform meets the demands of a high-end analytic solution including exploratory data mining, prediction and scoring, cluster analysis and segmentation, as well as real-time integration, automation and real-time analytics.

About Viscovery Software GmbH As one of the first data-mining companies in Europe, Viscovery (formerly eudaptics software gmbh) is among the leading vendors of predictive analytics solutions. Since September 2007 Viscovery has been part of the Biomax group.

The Viscovery suite possesses unique patented technology for exploratory analysis and statistical modeling of complex data. Comprehensive workflows support the generation of high-performance predictive models, which can be integrated in real time and updated automatically.

For many years, the Viscovery software has been used by more than 300 customers in diversified areas ranging from banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry, media and retail to research organizations and universities.

For more information visit www.viscovery.net.

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