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Users, Analysts and Consultants Agree on KXEN Data Mining Benefits

Saves time and money, increases revenues, tipped by Gartner as major trend.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) January 21, 2008 -- KXEN's next generation data mining automation technology can cut workloads and time to market by as much as 90 percent, turn a majority of lapsed customers back into active revenue generators, and is tipped by Gartner as a major trend for 2008/2009.

These were just some of the conclusions at the company's international user conferences in San Francisco and Paris where users, analysts and consultants met to share best practice, see presentations from industry experts and peers and hear KXEN executives outline the future strategy of the technology. They also heard San Francisco event premium sponsor Teradata -- together with co-sponsors Alterian, Business & Decision, Entiera, Geoconcept and Mayato -- outline their own achievements in the analytics field.

In San Francisco Jim Oliver -- formerly director of analytics at eBay and now with Google -- told how he used KXEN's software to cut the time needed for customer segmentation projects at eBay down from more than six months to as little as one day to a week. "Using the slower, traditional method models were often partially out of date by the time they were implemented. KXEN directly outputs usable code and it was possible to score tens of millions of users in minutes," he said.

From Lowe's Companies, customer analytics statistician and KXEN user Shantonu Mazumdar told delegates how analytics-based research had grown to become an enterprise activity, underlining the contribution of KXEN's high volume solution. "Customers drive our business and we will enhance our understanding of our customers and their needs through continuous learning," he said.

"KXEN's minimal data preparation requirements and abilities in rapid variable reduction are unparalleled and provide a great benefit in model turnaround. Producing models at a faster pace was the deciding factor."

Gartner analyst Gareth Herschel outlined a growing role for high productivity data mining -- typified by KXEN -- across all industries in the next 18 months. He forecast particular growth in the areas of inbound offers and pricing optimization, together with a 50 percent increase in the use of text mining in telecommunications, retail and media. "Analytics can add value to a business process by addition, improvement, or by cutting steps to the process. Look beyond improvement. Consider how data mining can drive changes," he told the audience.

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