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Subject: Interview with James Taylor, a leading expert on decision management and automation

James Taylor is a leading expert in the field of decision management and decision automation. He works with software companies to position themselves in this exciting and emerging space and with organizations who want to improve the precision, consistency and agility of the operational decisions that drive their information systems.

Here is KDnuggets interview with James Taylor.

Together with Neil Raden, James has recently written the first comprehensive book on decision services, with the though-provoking title "Smart (Enough) Systems: How to Deliver Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions," and co-founded a company also named Smart (enough) Systems.

Previously, James was a Vice President at Fair Isaac Corporation where he developed and refined the concept of enterprise decision management or EDM. Widely credited with the invention of the term and the best known proponent of the approach, James helped create the emerging EDM market and is a passionate advocate of decision management.

In PeopleSoft’s research group, Mr. Taylor led the incorporation of object-oriented techniques and designed a highly configurable, graphical design environment for global, graphic-rich and platform-independent applications. During his tenure at Ernst & Young, he created a commercial software development group from scratch. Just prior to joining Fair Isaac, Mr. Taylor designed the product architecture, implemented a modern software development approach and developed initial product requirements at a web community start-up.

James is an experienced speaker and author, with his columns and articles appearing regularly in industry magazines.

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and here is the KDnuggets interview with James Taylor.

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