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Subject: How to Use Predictive Modeling to Pick Your Best Prospects & Boost ROI Up to 172%

SUMMARY: What if you could better predict which of your past customers are your best prospects to purchase again? You can with predictive modeling. See how you can use predictive modeling -- the Holy Grail of direct marketing -- to wrestle with and segment mounds of customer data.

Our latest Special Report includes:

  • Modeling basics
  • A mini-Case Study with a 172% ROI
  • Vendors guide and useful links
Analytics are great at reporting what already happened. What if they could help predict the future --like which customers are most likely to buy from you again?


Modeling isnít 100% exact, but it has helped marketers multiply their ROI. The process involves applying data-mining technology to your customer data to create a specialized model that gives every customer a probability score. The score predicts that a customer will take a certain action.

Some examples:

  • Predict which customers are most likely respond to an offer
  • Predict which customers are mostly likely to defect
  • Predict if a customer is a big spender
  • Predict if a customer will make repeat purchases
In this Special Report on predictive analytics, we explain what modeling is, how it can work for you, how it helped one marketer achieve a 172% higher ROI and where you can explore further to see if the tactic is right for you.


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