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Twitter and the Convergence of Microblogging with Datamining

By: Zero Beta, May 27, 2008.

Today, I read a post on Twitter (via Abnormal Returns), the microblogging service that Fred Wilson, someone who really "gets" Web 2.0 is invested in and whose opinion I respect tremendously. The post, which I will comment on briefly, made me think about Twitter and its use and application.

In the post, Om Malik, writes that Twitter faces a scalability issue. I agree that it most definitely does, as there is tons of database space that is inefficiently used. I believe that it can be solved if 1) Twitter becomes profitable enough to justify such space, 2) Limits and/or Subscriptions are implemented, 3) A sophisticated and smart taxonomy is applied to tweets, and/or 4) Twitter evolves into something else.

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