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SPSS New Viz Designer(tm): Intuitive Visualizations for Predictive Analytics

CHICAGO, Ill. (USA) -- September 8, 2008 -- If a picture paints a thousand words or you have to see it to believe it, SPSS Inc., (Nasdaq: SPSS), a leading worldwide provider of Predictive Analytics software and solutions, today empowered the business world with the graphic capability to see and understand data in new, compelling ways. The Company unveiled its newest product, SPSS Viz Designertm, which unleashes leading-edge graphic technology to easily create and share original visualizations that give clarity and transparency to results from SPSS Predictive Analytics software.

When a simple bar graph or pie chart doesn't clearly express results of data analysis, SPSS Viz Designer creates a more dynamic visualization to clarify, engage and enlighten. SPSS Viz Designer is loaded with new and unique graph types and users can create their own visualizations by applying custom styles, developing animations and exploratory graphics that better illustrate correlations and trends in data.

With an intuitive, graphical, drag-and-drop design interface, SPSS Viz Designer eliminates the need for advanced programming skills. The software even intelligently selects the chart or graph so data-driven insight is delivered in the most meaningful and understandable way. SPSS Viz Designer unlocks the power of nViZn, a patented SPSS technology based on "The Grammar of Graphics" principles from Leland Wilkinson, and one of the most sophisticated visualization technologies available.

For more information, please visit www.spss.com and www.spss.com/VizDesigner.

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