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Subject: Netflix Progress Prize 2008 awarded to team BellKor in BigChaos

The winner of the Netflix Progress Prize for 2008 is team BellKor in BigChaos for their verified submission, achieving a 9.44% improvement over Cinematch, Netflix baseline algorithm. The winning team consisted of Yehuda Koren, Robert Bell and Chris Volinsky of AT&T Research Labs (winners of 2007 progress prize) combined with Andreas Töscher and Michael Jahrer of Commendo Research.

The winning team has prepared a system description consisting of two papers, which are published on netflixprize site:

R. Bell, Y. Koren, C. Volinsky, "The BellKor 2008 Solution to the Netflix Prize", (2008).

A. Töscher, M. Jahrer, "The BigChaos Solution to the Netflix Prize 2008", (2008).

A. Töscher, M. Jahrer, R. Legenstein, "Improved Neighborhood-Based Algorithms for Large-Scale Recommender Systems"SIGKDD Workshop on Large-Scale Recommender Systems and the Netflix Prize Competition  (KDD’08) , ACM Press (2008).

Andreas Töscher and Michael Jahrer will present a public talk at that time about their Prize algorithm, which will be posted as well.

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