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Sentimental Favorite: Data Mining on Twitter

insurancetech.com, By Nathan Conz, Feb 6, 2009

... In a product demo, Ian Kimbell, VP of business process validation, SAP showed the audience SAP's "sentiment engine," which allows a company to see what users of a site like Twitter (which was used in the demo) are saying about it.

The sentiment analysis is accomplished using the SAP Business Objects Text Analysis product, Rick Fleischman, Director, CRM Solution Marketing, SAP AG, tells me in an e-mail. "It is part of our Business Objects portfolio and provides a sophisticated ability to mine unstructured data to extract entities, persons, organizations, sentiment, etc.," Fleischman explains.

The rule-based linguistic engine can be configured by customers for specific scenarios. "We plugged this engine (SAP Business Objects Text Analysis) into CRM and fed Tweets to it (via Twitter APIs). The engine parses each of the tweets and extracts the sentiment of the conversation from it," Fleischman says.

In the case of the demo, Kimbell used the sentiment engine to analyze "tweets" (Twitter posts) relating to a generic GPS device. The engine essentially aggregated the various mentions of the device and identified trends. In this case, it was determined that many Twitterers (I'm not sure if that's the preferred nomenclature. It could be Twits.) disliked a certain aspect of the device's design.

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