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From: Ramos, Ronald J.
Date: 24 Apr 2009
Subject: ADAPA(r) is a True Revolution in Data Mining

The ADAPA® predictive analytics scoring engine offers a powerful and revolutionizing way for putting data mining models to work. Combining the benefits of open standards and cloud computing, ADAPA® is a novel predictive analytics scoring engine platform that leverages these elements to deliver an efficient deployment process for statistical and predictive models.

The data mining community has derived a broad foundation of statistical algorithms and software solutions which allows for statistical analysis to become a standard approach used in science and industry. Emphasis mostly is placed on the development of predictive models and as a consequence, currently, the market place offers a wide range of powerful tools, many open source, for effective model building. However, once we turn to the deployment and practical application of predictive models within an existing IT infrastructure, there is a limited choice of options. Then, most often, it takes months for models to be integrated and deployed via custom code of proprietary processes, and at very high additional cost.

ADAPA® is the fulfillment, the bridge as it were, necessary to fill the gap between a business' excitement about adopting predictive analytics as its competitive strategy and using predictive modeling as part of their business process through deployment. What happens more than 50% of the time is that projects never get implemented; the promised value is not realized or the ultimate results are not measurable. There is often technical success, but not business success with predictive modeling.

ADAPA® is not just a concept, but a production-grade software product which provides a new avenue for science and industry to leverage the power of predictive analytics. It can be launched on-demand and scales to address the most complex computational tasks.

Models, once expressed in PMML and uploaded into an ADAPA® instance in the cloud, can be easily accessed from anywhere in the enterprise by the use of web-service calls and managed through an intuitive console. As a consequence, data mining solutions can now be made available for use in a matter of minutes, not months.

We believe this offers a true revolution in the way data mining models are approached. In addition to accelerating the process of deployment, which allows for businesses to start benefiting right away from their predictive analytics solutions, it also makes it much more affordable. Instead of the traditional costly setup of hardware and software, analytics as a service allows for customers to only pay for resources that they actually consume. Also, by avoiding upfront costs and by being able to express models in PMML, there is no vendor lock-in.

The primary focus of ADAPA® is the practical application of predictive analytics, while at the same time eliminating the complexity of deployment and integration. It is our vision for the community that users will be free to share models among many solutions, benefiting from an environment in which interoperability is truly attainable.

For more information and a free-trial, please visit www.zementis.com

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