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10 technologies to bet in a recession

April 1st, 2009 by Robin Bloor in Commentary, IT Trends

In theory, IT should be counter-cyclical to some extent and it certainly used to be, in the 1980s and 1990s. The dot com recession could be treated as an exception, because it was so IT focused. But things have changes. Nowadays, a good deal of IT is in the consumer market (PCs, mobile phones, etc.) So the recession was bound to smack IT upside the head - and IT consumer products are suffering accordingly.

The Corporate IT Picture

... The reality though is that itís a mixed market: some IT have budgets have been reined in, while others have been decimated. Itís also worth bearing in mind that IT spend is a lead indicator of economic recovery. Companies begin to invest in IT as they start to get confident that the storm has passed, in the hope that theyíll come flying out of the recession like a bat out of hell.

So the question arises: what are the information technologies that will do well this year? Hereís a list ten that seem to be reasonably recession proof: ...

1. Server Virtualization. ...
2. Client Virtualization. ...
3. Data Storage. ...
4. Data Mining. Just as they donít stop gathering the data in a recession they dont stop mining it. To be more precise, the indications are that the VLDB vendors (Green Plum, Vertica, Sybase et al) are having a reasonably good time despite the crumbling economy. This has a lot to do with delivering value - thereís gold in "them thar data heaps."

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