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TellmeTwin victorious at Red Herring 100 Europe awards 2009

TellmeTwin.com, the website for user compatibility pairing and idea sharing, announced this week that it has been honoured as a winner in the Red Herring 100 Europe awards: an prestigious award given to the hundred top private tech companies based in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region every year.

About TellmeTwin.com

TellmeTwin is a recommendations and user matching internet site. People use it to chart their character to find their people who think like them and use their profile to discover: paintings, movies, music, books, hotels, restaurants, travel spots... the list goes on.

TellmeTwinÂ’s character mapping happens through the rating of likes and dislikes, interests and experiences and personality tests. Users can rate literally anything they love or hate. The data is user generated; if it doesnÂ’t already exist in our database they create it wiki-style. Through data mining we match users with their Good or Evil twins. Good twins are those who are most similar to the user and Evil twins are people with polar opposite characteristics and preferences.

TellmeTwin is both dedicated to content discovery and the matching of people.


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