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From: Ben Satchwell
Date: 22 Apr 2009
Subject: Where are you going with text analytics?

As we go into a deepening economic crisis we are all looking for that edge. What is it that makes us different? Better? What do we do well? Or not so well? Gone are the days where gut feeling alone differentiated the great leaders from average ones. True to point though, gut feeling still plays an influential part in the decisions business leaders make today; but now decisions have been made that bit easier through the use of text analytics.

For those not in the know and who may be new to KD Nuggets, text analytics technologies allow you to get the most from your unstructured data. There used to be a time when we could only use 20% of our data available to us (structured) but now we have a means to access this unstructured treasure chest.

So where are we in 2009? Text Analytics has been around for a while now - here at Text Analytics News we first took an interest in the space some five years ago! The inaugural Text Mining Summit 2005 brought together 100 leading text analytics companies from across the industry value chain to discuss the major issues and challenges facing the growth and implementation of text analytics. The pioneers of text analytics agreed that the summit was much needed and in 2008 at the 4th Annual Text Analytics Summit the attendance dramatically increased to over 200 attendees. We are seeing unprecedented interest in 2009 and anticipate over 250 attendees at this year's summit! As you can see the current climate certainly isn't dampening the spirits of the Text Analytics community. And with issues such as social media analysis, voice of the customer applications, sentiment analysis, end user case studies all on the agenda its east to understand why!

This year's Text Analytics summit is continuing where we left off in 2008. We are already seeing booking patterns 30% up year on year proving that the need to make informed decisions in an economic downturn is of paramount importance to business leaders. The days of a boom period are behind us at the moment and looking forward in 2009 and 2010 adequate decision making will be immediately found out.

The hidden value you really get from the Text Analytics Summit is that we don't put a series of sales pitches in front of you to listen about - we give real case examples of the successful implementation of text analytics technologies; this year alone you will be hearing from Facebook, Whirlpool, Harris Interactive, Monster, Biogen Idec and more! At this blockbusting summit you will also hear from text analytics pioneers such as SAS, Lexalytics, Clarabridge, SPSS and IBM.

"Last year's Text Analytics conference afforded us a chance to meet with many of the key industry players to gain a better understanding of the technical and economic challenges facing this market" Thomas Hampp, eDiscovery Analyzer & UIMA Text Analysis Architect, IBM

We have had a good, long look at the summit this year and we have come up with great new aspects to the conference to make it the biggest to date:
1. End User Case Studies - Gain even more insight into who is successfully implementing Text Analytics technologies and hear from companies such as Biogen Idec, Hewlett Packard, Monster and more!
2. Working Group Discussions - Get real face-to-face time with thought leaders in the space and have all your burning questions answered
3. Workshops - We're bringing you even more workshops this time round! Understand the true capabilities of Text Analytics products and how it can really deliver excellent ROI by joining one of our exclusive workshops hosted by industry leaders Lexalytics, Clarabridge and SAS.
4. Speakers - Hear from our 'brand new' exciting line-up of speakers including Endeca, IBM, Facebook, Ernst & Young, SAS, and more!
5. Pre-Summit Workshop - End Users fear not. These pre-summit workshops will arm you with all the know how you need to maximize your time at the summit
6. Venue - We have moved to the exclusive Hyatt Harbor Side in Boston. A top quality hotel for a blockbusting conference!
7. Text Analytics Community - 4 Great ways to stay in touch with the Text Analytics community - Newsletter, News Portal, LinkedIn Group and summit networking

Don't just take my word for it; hear what the summit chair has to say...

"Text analytics is having a deep and wide impact on the business world, spurred if anything by economic conditions. The need for informed, informative discussion -- to learn how you can benefit from text technologies and solutions -- is greater than ever. The Text Analytics Summit brings together users, analysts, and solution providers in an unbiased forum. It's the one conference to attend if you are involved or interested in text analytics, in any shape or form."
Seth Grimes, President, Alta Plana

KDnuggets will be definitely be there, will you?

PS. Don't forget to use the KD Nuggets discount to get an extra $100 off! When booking simply enter 'KDNUGGETS' in the discount code box at https://secure.firstconf.com/textminingsummit/usa/register.htm

All information for the summit can be found at http://www.textanalyticsnews.com/usa/

For more details please contact Ben Satchwell at +44 (0)20 7375 7163 or email ben@textanalyticsnews.com

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