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Subject: Analytic / Data Mining Blog Highlights

Below the tip of the Urban Data Iceberg

Data mining artist Andrea Vaccari gave a thorough interview to ZDNet on his current investigation at MIT SENSEable City Lab also providing context of the labís current endeavors. ... He takes example of the project in the context of the New York City Waterfalls we collaborated on to describe how the analysis of urban dynamics can become evidences of the evolution of the attractiveness of the most popular areas of a city. Other of his works aim at identifying unexpected events and assist public authorities and first responders.

HOW TO: Track Social Media Analytics

social media websites have become an increasingly important source of website traffic. This also creates a massive demand for data related to social media. Where are users coming from? What topics excite them? These are questions that, when answered, can be the difference between a successful website and a failed social media campaign. But social media analytics is young, and not many people know where to start. This guide is designed for that purpose.

Social Media Monitoring with ScoutLabs - Interview, by Themos Kalafatis.

Learning About Cloud Analytics, by Bob Grossman.

Are You On The Wrong Side Of Technology?, by Kevin Hillstrom.

Swivel Business: Try It Out

Inference for R

Inference for R is the first integrated development environment (IDE) designed specifically for R. It helps to reduce time spent on editing R code, managing data, and publishing reports.

Network Structure of Swine Flu Pandemic

6 Tools You Can Use to Troubleshoot Google Analytics Yourself
(GregoryPS: Firebug is amazing !)

Standard Metrics Revisited: #6: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Unique Visitors., by Avinash Kaushik.

Serendipity, diversity, and personalized search, from Greg Linden, who also reports that with dissolution of Live Labs, he will be leaving Microsoft.

Twitter Analytics for "Analytics"
(Gregory PS: Very nice and original analysis of Twitter conversations)

Customer-Centric Forecasting White Paper Available, by Michael Berry.

resume with EIN Data Mining News

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