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Subject: RapidMiner 4.4 - new version of the leading open source data mining solution

Rapid-I releases new version of the leading open source data mining solution: RapidMiner 4.4

Rapid-I improves usability of RapidMiner in version 4.4 and adds many new features

RapidMiner Since the release of RapidMiner 4.3 in November 2008, Rapid-I again invested a lot of effort into further improving RapidMiner to better meet the growing demand of data analysis, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and BI (Business Intelligence).

The result, RapidMiner 4.4, can now be downloaded free of charge at www.rapid-i.com and offers improved usability, 35 new operators, more than 30 bug fixes as well as many new features.

The new features of RapidMiner 4.4 include new data pre-processing and transformation options, new process design features, several new modelling techniques including linear and quadratic discriminant analysis and fast large margin methods. The processing of time zones was improved and new operators for renaming attributes were added.   One focus of the new version is on improved visualizations.  For example the visualization of graphs and decision trees is now clearer than before and uses colors to better distinguish different elements.  Also in the automated modelling methods, Rapid-I could realize further improvements.  The learning techniques for decision trees have become much faster, the options of the neural network learners were extended, and new binominal classification performance measures were added.  This is just a small excerpt from the numerous extensions and improvements of the new version 4.4 or RapidMiner.

Despite these massive extensions, the usability of the software, always a central goal of Rapid-I, was further improved.

Like in the previous version, RapidMiner is available in different editions.  Users can choose between the freely available Community Edition of RapidMiner, several Enterprise Editions, and a Developer Edition, which is a OEM edition for open and closed source software developers and integrators.  The RapidMiner Enterprise Editions are optimized to satisfy the needs of professional analysts.  RapidMiner Enterprise of course also features also of the above mentioned advantages.  In addition, its reporting engine was extended and improved and now supports corporate design templates, default logos, and further report configurations better than before.  Small companies and individual users can choose the RapidMiner Small Enterprise Edition, which provides all additional features of the RapidMiner Enterprise Edition including the reporting engine and parallelization of data mining processes on multi-core systems delivering drastic speed-ups in data analysis.  The RapidMiner Standard Enterprise Edition in addition offers extended guaranties and professional support with guaranteed response times for the optimization of your analysis processes and in case of technical problems.  The highest level of support for an unlimited number of users is available with the RapidMiner Unlimited Enterprise Edition -- for a price that is lower than that of a single user licenser of comparable proprietary solutions.

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