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Subject: Poll: Data mining deployment grows, especially PMML and Cloud options

The previous KDnuggets Poll asked: How do you usually deploy data mining models?

About 30% indicated that they do not deploy models, but instead use results to gain business or scientific or publish research papers.

The most popular deployment methods (up to 4 choices were allowed) were:

  • using a data mining tool for scoring
  • using a DBMS and SQL
  • using Java
Although the KDnuggets 2006 Data Mining Deployment Poll, asked a very similar question, it did not have a limit on number of choices, while 2009 poll only allowed up to 4 options. As a result we see fewer total choices in 2009 poll so it may be a better reflection of the more common deployment methods.

With these caveats, note that percent of people who selected "do not deploy" options ("publish" and "use results to gain knowledge") has declined. Examination of results shows that some of them actually selected deployment options as well. Among the deployment options, we see

  • Deploy using a data mining tool for scoring - declined from 49.5% to 35.8% of respondents
  • Deploy using a DBMS and SQL: increased from 21% to 25.3%
  • Deploy using Java: unchanged at 16.8%
  • Deploy using PMML: increased 3-fold from 4.2% to 13.7%
  • Deploy using a cloud (new question in 2009): 11.6%

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