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From: KOB
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009
Subject: San Diego, CA: Analytic Science Lead Scientist at FICO (formerly Fair Isaac Corporation)

Here is a recent video from FICO on improving fraud detection

Job Description: Want to make a difference in the work you do every day? In this role, you will be a part of a team to help secure accounts and help banks and credit card companies detect when someone is trying to break through the system or steal someone's identity.

You will have the opportunity to work with teams or individually on projects specifically related to our fraud detection products at FICO (formerly Fair Isaac Corporation). You will help develop predictive models using the latest technologies in neural networks, machine learning, statistical modeling, pattern recognition, and artificial intelligence. Is data your passion? You will analyze and understand large amounts to determine suitability for modeling testing data by using different algorithms, programming, and methodologies. You will interact with technical staff and translate technical information to non-technical people sometimes working directly with a client.

Main responsibilities include:

  • analyzing and understanding large amounts of historical data to determine suitability for modeling,
  • data clean-up and filtering,
  • pattern identification and feature extraction,
  • feature (variable) selection,
  • experimenting with different types of algorithms and modeling techniques,
  • analyzing performance,
  • preparing model reports for communication with internal and external clients,
  • participating in pre-sales, and
  • providing post implementation support.
Candidate will be on technical project teams focused on key analytic deliverables and analytic innovation projects. Candidate should be comfortable working both independently and directing small technical working groups.


Requires a Master's of Science Degree in a science or engineering field with experience in Payment Card or Retail Banking industry or a Ph.D. degree in a science or engineering field with some related industry experience.

Industry and academic experience will include employing neural networks, machine learning, mathematical/statistical modeling, pattern recognition, or data mining/data analysis on real world problems.

Extensive experience with Unix and at least one major programming language such as C or Java.

Proven track record of working with clients to deliver high quality business analytics.

Please apply on-line www.fico.com/careers and reference requisition #4434.

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