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In-Memory Analytic Tools: Too Fast to Ignore

One of the biggest beneficiaries of all the massive new amounts of processing power that we have available in any number of 64-bit servers is the whole field of data analytics and business intelligence.

As a result, we've seen a rush of vendors of late touting the fact that they now have data analytics tools that can now reside in memory. For example, SAP's Business Object's unit has become the latest vendor to roll out an analytics tools that resides in memory. That move follows similar offerings from MicroStrategy, Cognos and the Spotfire division of Tibco.


The folks at Spotfire argue that rivals are simply loading pre-aggregated sets of data into memory. On contrast, they claim to have a unique value that allows customers to put all available data into memory. This allows customers to analyze that data any way they want, as opposed to being required to analyze only limited sets of data that has already been organized in a cube.

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