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Subject: Analytic / Data Mining Blog Highlights

The Social Data Revolution(s), by Andreas Weigend

In 2009, more data will be generated by individuals than in the entire history of mankind through 2008. Information overload is more serious than ever. What are the implications for marketing?

Influence -- not as simple as Gladwell would have you believe!

Social influence makes the selection for success less predictable. In other words, judged against independent measures of quality, if an audience is influenced by knowledge of community behaviour, it will select or promote with less correlation to quality than you would think.

Gartner Identifies the "Last Mile" of BI

... most companies still aren't able to link BI to "the last mile" of making decisions that actually help their businesses.

an expose of a bunch of standard pitfalls of econometrics (done in an ever so slightly dodgy way)

... there are a lot of studies with sig. level of z=1.96 (common used threshold for 2 std or p=0.05) and are hardly any with sig. level of 1.95. Conclusion: data is being massaged on wide scale.

Running R on Amazonís EC2

Teradata Podcasts on Data Mining And SNA

The potential of behavioral targeted advertising

We observe that .... the ads CTR can be improved as high as 670% by the simple user segmentation strategies used for behavioral targeted advertising .... [More] advanced user representation and user segmentation algorithms [yielded improvements of] more than 1,000%.

Tweet Stream Similarity

List of Twitter Search Engines

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