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Date: 11 Aug 2009
Subject: Netflix will announce second data mining contest in September

Neil Hunt, Chief Product Officer at Netflix, announced second data mining contest:

To everyone who participated in the Netflix Prize: You've made this a truly remarkable contest and you've brought great innovation to the field. We applaud you for your contributions and we hope you've enjoyed the journey. We look forward to announcing a winner of the $1M Grand Prize in late September.

And, like so many great movies, there will be a sequel.

The advances spurred by the Netflix Prize have so impressed us that we’re planning Netflix Prize 2, a new big money contest with some new twists.

Here’s one: three years was a long time to compete in Prize 1, so the next contest will be a shorter time limited race, with grand prizes for the best results at 6 and 18 months.

While the first contest has been remarkable, we think Netflix Prize 2 will be more challenging, more fun, and even more useful to the field.

Stay tuned for more details when we announce the winners of Prize 1 in September.


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