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KDnuggets News(tm) 99:11, emailed 1999-05-20

  (item1) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Industry Briefs: HNC efalcon, NCR and Quadstone, MIT Ecommerce awards
  (item2) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDD-99 Student Travel Awards for student co-authors of accepted papers
  (item3) Usama Fayyad, Short announcements for ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter
  (item4) Xindong Wu, Knowledge and Information Systems: Vol 1 No 2 (1999)
  (item5) Jiawei Han, Recent Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses on data mining from SFU
  (item6) San Murugesan, CFP -- Special Issue -- SOFTWARE AGENTS ON THE INTERNET
  (item7) Tjen-Sien Lim, Comparison of classifiers paper
  (item8) David Watkins, UK, Richmod: Data Modeller at ADC Metrica
  (item9) Lisa Howell, Fairfax, VA: Data Mining and Text Mining Specialists at MRJ
  (item10) George Smith, UK, U. of East Anglia: Research Assistant in data visualisation
  (item11) Liu Bing, Singapore: Research Fellow for Data/Text Mining at National University
  (item12) Tjen-Sien Lim, Recursive Partitioning Website
  (item13) Kerry Martin, A Practical Introduction to Data Mining with CART(r) and MARS(tm)
        DC and NY in June, Baltimore and San Diego in Aug
  (item14) Armand Prieditis, Data Mining for Profit: How-To, Myths, Secrets, and Pitfalls
        San Francisco, CA, July 12-13, 1999
  (item15) Eric King, Gordian Institute: DATA MINING: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE
        Chicago June 21-22, San Francisco Sep 13-14, Dallas Nov 8-9
  (item16) Brij Masand, CFP: WEBKDD'99: Workshop on Web Usage Analysis and User Profiling
  (item17) ICML-99 (16th Intl Conf on Machine Learning), ICML-99 & ILP-99 Registration
  (item18) IAT99 Conference, I A T '99 Reminder
  (item19) moskowitz, Workshop on Information Hiding, Dresden, Germany, Sep 29-Oct 1, 1999

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