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KDnuggets News(tm) 99:12, emailed 1999-06-01

  (item1) Jiawei Han, Call for nominations: SIGKDD Innovations Award and SIGKDD Services Award
  (item2) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Microsoft's Plan To Bring Data Mining To Masses
  (item3) Jennifer Nicol, Quadstone Receives {$10} Million Investment Package
  (item4) Andy Oliver, Sun awards K.wiz 100% Pure Java(tm) certification
  (item5) Y. L. GAO, Data mining application in machinery faults diagnosis ?
  (item6) Amit Seth, Yahoo Data Mining Club - Editor's Choice Award Winner!
  (item7) Hiroshi Motoda, Second Call for Papers on the special issue on Instance Selection
  (item8) Warren Jones, Special Issue of ACM SIGBIO Newsletter
  (item9) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Boston, MA: Senior Data Miner with SAS
        Expertise at Knowledge Stream Partners
  (item10) Neal J Rothleder, Reston, VA: Data mining position at MITRE
  (item11) Raghavachari Madhavan, New York City: Generalist with strong computer &
        quantitative skills at Morgan Stanley
  (item12) Dawn Swope, SAS Data Mining Conference, Sep 13-17, 1999, North Carolina
  (item13) Simeon Simoff, MDM - KDD99 Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining
  (item14) Brij Masand, CFP Reminder for the KDD'99 workshop WEBKDD'99
  (item15) Warren Jones, Session on Biomedical Applications of Data Mining at ACM SAC2000
  (item16) Mohammed Zaki, CFP (Deadline Extended): Workshop on Large-Scale Parallel KDD Systems

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