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Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999 11:57:00 +0200
From: Patrick Naim patnaim@elseware.fr
Subject: STORM - Componentware for datamining

STORM: Componentware for Datamining

The component toolkit STORM
has been developed by an ESPRIT european consortium (25387) coordinated

All components are Microsoft DCOM
servers. The latest datamining technologies are now directly accessible
from within an Excel workbook, and HTML page, or a Visual basic application.

Integrating a model selection and
building process into an end-user application is now extremely simple and
fast : all the methods can be scripted, integrated, and user-specific pre
or post processings can be added freely. STORM
allows you to build transformation processes from data to knowledge,
that you can customise and reuse.

STORM is delivered with more than 20 methods for data analysis, forecasting,
segmentation, and also high-level components hiding most of the technical aspects of
the methods ("wizards")

Commercial offer:

STORM will be marketed in June 1999.  A demo version is available upon request.
Please contact us for further details: storm@elseware.fr

Technical information:

General: DCOM servers DCOM for Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT.

Data access: ODBC compatible. Usual an custom data preprocessing.

Neural networks: Multi layer perceptron. Recurrent networks. Variable selection

Decision Tree: C4.5 algorithm. Automatic, assisted, or manual generation of trees.
Rule base generation

Components to be released in 1999

Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Non linear PCA, Independent component analysis, Radial basis function networks, Unsupervised segmentation, Bayesian networks, Generalised linear model, Forecasting models ARMA et *ARCH.

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