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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 14:09:10 -0400
From: Zemankova, Maria mzemanko@nsf.gov
Subject: DOE establishes test bed for storage-intensive applications

I believe the Probe testbed can be useful for testing database problems that
need (network) access to large volumes of data (e.g., datamining, indexing,
metadata/data models, I/O, distributed processing, archiving, ...).

Hopefully, the data in Probe that comes from several scientific domains may
also motivate you to work in collaboration with the domain researchers on
solving some exciting problems in their fields, while contributing to
enhancing the state-of-the-art in databases, datamining, visualization,
knowledge discovery environments, etc.

Maria Zemankova, Ph.D.
Program Director, Information and Data Management (IDM)
Division of Information and Intelligent Systems (IIS)
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Blvd., Room 1115
Arlington, VA 22230

email: mzemanko@nsf.gov Phone: 703-306-1926 Fax: 703-306-0599
URL: http://www.cise.nsf.gov/iis/idm


> DOE establishes test bed for storage-intensive applications
> OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Oct. 12, 1999 -- Today's scientific researchers are
> generating staggering volumes of data, with data sources ranging from
> computational simulations of global and regional climate, to digital
> instrumentation of physical experiments and satellite imagery. Add
> projects such as human genome mapping, with massive demands for rapid
> user access, and it's easy to see why strategies for optimizing data
> storage and retrieval are vital for research laboratories.
> The Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and
> the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) in
> Berkeley, Calif., are tackling the storage challenge with Probe, a
> newly established distributed test bed for storage-intensive
> applications. It  combines the high-speed networking of the latest
> Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) technology with the R&D 100
> award-winning High Performance Storage System (HPSS). Probe will have
> significant installations at ORNL and NERSC, providing access to
> researchers around the country.
> The Probe test bed is available for researchers from the scientific
> community to perform comparative evaluations of the latest
> technologies in storage hardware and software. By linking the two
> test bed systems together over the network, researchers will be able
> to evaluate the effects of network latency in remote storage access
> and develop new protocols for effectively using distributed storage
> systems. The test bed will also provide a platform for the developers
> of new storage and networking hardware and software to test their
> devices in high-demand facilities.
For More Information see http://www.ccs.ornl.gov/PROBE.html

     Randy Burris at ORNL
burrisrd@ornl.gov; (423) 574-0972

     Harvard Holmes at NERSC
hhholmes@lbl.gov; (510) 486-5742

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