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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:00:39 -0800
From: Ronny Kohavi ronnyk@bluemartini.com
Subject: San Mateo, CA: Data Mining, DBs, Decision Support at Blue Martini
Blue Martini is expanding our data mining and decision support team.
We are looking for several people in engineering and in consulting

At Blue Martini Software, we built an e-commerce solution with
integrated decision support, which allows companies to build or
replace their web sites with better sites that can be personalized.
Data (both purchases and clickstreams) are collected electronically,
providing a rich source of reliable information for decision support,
including data mining, reporting, and other types of analyses.

You'll love our engineering environment with good product definition,
a release team, doc team, QA team, tech support, continuous build
system, and excellent hardware (e.g., engineers typically work on dual
CPU Pentium III Xeons with 1GB of RAM).

For consulting services, you'll have access to massive amounts
of collected data and help sites improve their understanding of
customers and buying patterns.

Blue Martini now has over 100 people and several live sites
using our software.  Check out the front-end web sites at
More sites coming soon.

Blue Martini Software was named "Investors' Choice" at Internet
Outlook Conference and voted as one of the ten "most likely to
succeed" companies at Technologic Partner's fourth annual Internet
Outlook conference.

What are we looking for?
- Bright engineers who can design and write excellent code and
  have experience in machine learning/statistics/algorithms,
  and/or databases, and/or reporting, and/or visualization.
- People who can consult customers in decision support and
  provide such services.

See www.bluemartini.com for detailed information.

Send e-mail to ronnyk@bluemartini.com

-- Ronny Kohavi, http://robotics.Stanford.EDU/~ronnyk/
      Director of Data Mining, Blue Martini Software

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KDnuggets : News : 1999 : n26 : item9

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