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From: "Elizabeth Niemczewski"
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 13:23:24 -0600
Subject: Adjunct Faculty - Data Mining, Cardean University (on-line)

We are searching for part-time faculty with strong quantitative skills to teach Data Mining or Decision Modeling courses online for Cardean University. Cardean is UNext.comís first online university, providing effective business education to working adults worldwide. Adjunct faculty teach individual courses on a part time basis from their home location and are expected to devote 12-15 hours per week to instructing, grading, and mentoring. We require a minimum of a Masterís Degree or M.B.A. as well as demonstrated business experience. Teaching experience is preferred.


  • Data Mining - Advances in technology and data collection have dramatically increased the volume of data available to business professionals. As the amount of information grows, so does the challenge of securing meaningful analysis from the data. To meet this challenge and gain competitive advantage, many companies have turned to data mining. The Cardean Data Mining suite presents managers with data mining concepts, techniques, issues, and applications and helps them understand and plan how to put data mining to work in their own companies.
  • Decision Modeling - The decision modeling courses provides managers with tools to model business problems and provides decision guidance. The courses in the course suite are organized by method, so the first course is on linear programming, the second on non-linear and integer modeling, and the third on simulation.


We welcome applications from faculty interested in teaching part-time from their home locations. For more information or to indicate interest, visit our web site at www.unext.com, www.cardean.edu, and e-mail your resume/vitae as a Microsoft Wordô document with a statement of interest to Manager of Faculty Recruitment, at faculty@cardean.edu.

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