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Digital Archaeology Addresses Data Prep for Data Mining

Benchmark Study, Customers Cite 2-3 Times Performance Gains over SAS‘

Toronto, Canada  December 4, 2001  Delano Technology Corporation
(NASDAQ: DTEC; TSE: DLN) today announced the introduction of a
powerful new software product called the Digital Excavator‘, which
cuts in half the preparation time associated with data mining and
analytic engagements when compared with industry leading tools and

The Digital Excavator‘ product was developed by Digital Archaeology,
the analytics division of Delano, which is located in Lenexa, KS.

A benchmark of Digital Excavators data preparation capability,
conducted by a large Midwestern business intelligence consultancy,
indicated an ability to halve the time that is currently being spent
on data preparation activities over industry-leading software
solutions.  The study replicated the entire data preparation process
in various tools  covering project planning, data exploration,
coding of data transformation programs, debugging these programs,
interpreting their results, and the raw execution time of these

Initial customer experiences have exceeded the productivity gains
achieved in the benchmark study.  Dan Steinberg, CEO of Salford
Systems, the award-winning San Diego-based data mining vendor that
markets CART and MARS decision tree software has evidenced
breakthrough results with the Digital Excavator.  Out of the box,
Digital Archaeologys software is 2 to 3 times faster than SAS at
performing data preparation tasks.  Equally impressive is the ability
to rapidly build higher order visual programs that turbo-charge the
data preparation process to our unique requirements  without
requiring programming skills.  This capability will boost our
productivity by another order of magnitude.  This product is truly
remarkable and essentially creates a new category of offering because
of its focus on the data preparation process  something that no one
vendor does well today.

Digital Excavator allows users to perform typical data manipulation
tasks in substantially fewer steps.  Many leading tools were not
designed with data preparation as a high priority and subsequently
force users into piecing together several components and many steps to
reach the same objective.

Moreover, Digital Excavator facilitates the highly iterative nature of
data mining projects.  The organization capabilities and automatic
audit trail make it quite easy to investigate issues that arise with
the data at any point in the process, make appropriate modifications
to how the data is prepared, and return to the point where the issue

Digital Excavator also demonstrated some tremendous performance
advantages, particularly when working with highly normalized data
structures, as is often the case with data retrieved from operational
systems or data warehouses.  Through its multi-threaded, parallel
execution architecture and algorithms specifically optimized for large
data sets, the Digital Excavator can sort, de-normalize and integrate
disparate data sets in as little as a tenth of the time required by
leading tools.

 For more information about Digital Archaeology products or services,
visit www.digarch.com.

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