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Is CRM dead ?
In a new report, David Bradshaw, a North American vice president of
consulting for the U.K.-based research firm Ovum, poses this very
question. SearchCRM Assistant News Editor Matt Hines interviewed
him recently.

Here are some excerpts:

David Bradshaw says that Siebel Q3 new license revenue was just over
half of Q4 2000.  Other companies have done worse.
One reason is that the idea that CRM could solve
  all of an organization's issues was "quite silly".

Strategic CRM tried to force everything on one platform. Clearly,
that's not working. The next wave of CRM must have the ability to
  more seamlessly integrate the different packages together.

Like CRM, ERP was fashionable, then was hyped and then it went bust.
But the ERP players are stronger now, in comparison to the CRM
vendors.  Bradshaw thinks that's what's going to happen to CRM. It
will retreat but remain a vital part of people's overall picture. It
will get as lot less sexy but even more important.

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