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BioComp Systems Announces a Major Release of Industrial Intelligence Software
December 17, 2001 -- (REDMOND, WA)
BioComp Systems today released version 2.0 of Process Intellect™, an
on-line process intelligence system for manufacturing that, amongst other
capabilities, predicts key product and process performance metrics and
anticipates, diagnoses and formulates solutions to improve quality,
consistency and avoid process faults.

For one customer, Process Intellect has already cut rework in half,
effectively doubling production capacity.  Others are predicting
environmental emissions and tuning product quality.  Process Intellect
has been able to predict complex process faults accurately *BEFORE*
the problem has actually occurred.

BioComp's analytic desktop tools are used to access, clean
and filter manufacturing data, build forward-looking predictive models and
develop sophisticated optimization schemes to enhance product performance
or avoid process faults.  These solutions are placed on-line using the
Process Intellect server software.  In version 2.0, Process Intellect
enables the creative "wiring" of prediction, interpretation, optimization,
email/pager alerting and speech synthesis capabilities together into
solutions that maximize yields, reduce downtime and enhance profitability.

"Our customers are now deploying enhanced manufacturing performance
optimization solutions tailored to their specific requirements", says Carl
Cook, president and CEO of BioComp Systems, "Each system is now saving
customers, on average, millions of dollars per year, per application,
delivering an exceptional return on investment.  Since we license on a
server basis and each customer has multiple applications, the benefits are

Process Intellect's first installation was in 2000 at an aerospace
manufacturer, where product performance in smart weapons manufacturing was
quickly doubled and rework cut in half.  Process Intellect is now also
installed and operating in chemical manufacturing, food processing and
utilities management.  It will soon be deployed in oil and gas production
operations to maximize production from "smart wells", optimize product
quality and detect impending process transients.

With customers in over 50 countries, BioComp Systems has become a
significant global provider of intelligent systems that enhance business
performance in manufacturing, marketing and finance.

For More Information, contact:

Karen Cook
BioComp Systems, Inc.
4018 148th Avenue N.E.
Redmond, WA   98052  USA
Tel: (425) 869-6770
FAX: (425) 869-6850
BioComp Website: http://www.biocompsystems.com
Email: info@biocompsystems.com

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