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Microsoft CRM offering for small and mid-size companies.

Microsoft has announced it will later this year launch Microsoft CRM, the first business application built on its emerging .NET architecture. Microsoft has tapped into its ERP applications subsidiary, Great Plains, to sell and support the system, which will be tailored exclusively -- for the time being, at least -- for small and medium-sized companies with revenues under $1 billion.

Holly Holt, senior CRM product manager at Microsoft Great Plains, said less than 10% of companies with under $1bn in revenue currently have a CRM system. The majority of these companies, Holt suggests, need a broad CRM solution -- encompassing areas such as sales, service and marketing -- although they don't need the depth of a full-blown CRM system from the likes of Siebel, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and others.

Accordingly, Microsoft CRM, the first combined product since Microsoft bought Great Plains in December 2000, is for those companies just under the "enterprise" space and below. Built on .NET, it has been constructed as a single integrated CRM system. "Their number-one priority is 'fix my sales pain,'" says Holt of the target market.

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