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Molecular Mining Corporation Releases GeneLinker Platinum

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--April 15, 2002--Molecular Mining Corporation announced today the release of GeneLinker(TM) Platinum - - a powerful software-hardware combination for advanced analysis of Gene expression data as well as data from other domains.

Molecular Mining Corporation's advanced data mining tool, GeneLinker(TM) Platinum allows the user to do more than merely visualize and explore data. GeneLinker(TM) Platinum provides an efficient way to discover and characterize higher-order correlations among objects in a multidimensional dataset. These objects may represent genes and toxicological response outcomes, or they may be chemical descriptors and binding assays. This technique, tied to a powerful machine learning protocol, allows users to take data analysis to the next level: in silico inference and prediction.

Molecular Mining's patented SLAM (Sub Linear Association Mining) algorithm, found only in GeneLinker(TM) Platinum, efficiently finds high-order nonlinear relationships in complex multi-dimensional data sets. A second method included is a "committee", or statistical ensemble, of neural networks.

GeneLinker(TM) Platinum ties together these two robust procedures into a single integrated product. Coupled with a comprehensive suite of clustering and visualization protocols, GeneLinker(TM) Platinum empowers research, whether it is in the area of SNP analysis, proteomics or gene expression, taking users to the next level: in silico prediction.

For additional information, visit www.molecularmining.com

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