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AdaptiveInfo Announces Personalized News Browser for Qualcomm's BREW Platform

IRVINE, Calif., April 22 -- AdaptiveInfo today announced that its Adaptive News Browser for QUALCOMM's Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless(TM) -- BREW(TM) -- platform has received the TRUE BREW(TM) designation from the National Software Testing Laboratories (NSTL). The Adaptive News Browser provides wireless access to personalized news content on BREW-enabled handsets.

The Adaptive News Browser communicates with AdaptiveInfo's Adaptive Information Server to provide state-of-the-art functionality, such as adaptive content personalization, news search and off-peak download capabilities. Consumers can interactively browse the latest content at any time or configure the application to download content at a fixed time every day. Downloaded content can then be browsed at any time without any additional wireless charges or delay. The application provides value to consumers by allowing them to use off-peak minutes to download content.

The Adaptive News Browser for BREW receives content from AdaptiveInfo's Adaptive Information Server. The Adaptive Information Server acts as an intelligent agent for the consumer to determine which content to download each day. This patent-pending adaptive personalization technology automatically and effortlessly learns users' interests as they interact with their mobile devices. As the user reads some articles and skips others, the server learns about the user, and articles that match his or her interests are downloaded each day. The personalized delivery of content occurs without the content provider adding extra category tags to content, and without requiring the mobile user to fill out any forms. The Adaptive Information Server converts content from a Web site or database to the proper format for any wireless device, including a compact format for fast delivery to the Adaptive News Browser for BREW.

AdaptiveInfo has partnered with the San Diego Union Tribune, Nando Media and VentureWire to deliver BREW news applications that provide access to high-quality news feeds from a large variety of news categories.

AdaptiveInfo has partnered with the San Diego Union Tribune to deliver the latest news, weather and traffic conditions from the SignOnSanDiego service to BREW phones. In addition, information about local restaurants, nightlife, attractions and events is available. ``QUALCOMM is both an international high-tech innovator and a premier San Diego company. We're proud to be a partner with AdaptiveInfo on QUALCOMM's BREW in the San Diego market,'' said Chris Jennewein, director of Internet operations for the Union-Tribune. AdaptiveInfo and Nando Media have partnered on a BREW application to deliver complete coverage of breaking U.S., world, business, sports, technology, politics, science, health, opinion and entertainment news from the Nando Times.

see http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/020422/phm012_1.html or http://www.adaptiveinfo.com for more info.

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