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Yahoo Selects Island Data for real-time analysis of textual customer feedback

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 5, 2003--

Island Data Corp., a real-time CRM analytics company, today announced it has signed Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet communications, commerce and media company, as a new customer utilizing Insight RT (TM). By analyzing unstructured customer feedback in real-time, Island Data's Insight RT will help Yahoo! listen to their customers, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing the value of their premium service offerings.

Yahoo! chose Insight RT to perform real-time analysis to take action on incoming unstructured "verbatim" customer feedback received on its site. Insight RT captures customer feedback from a variety of sources including customer service and support tracking applications, e-mails, surveys and Web self-service interactions. The solution analyzes the thematic content and intent of the feedback, converting it into unique customer insights that can be acted upon immediately.

At the core of Insight RT is the internally-developed, patent-pending Concept Recognition(TM) engine, which is used to break down the unstructured text into its paragraph, sentence, phrase and word elements format, combining these elements produces an overall score of the concept. Insight RT can exist as a stand-alone solution or can be easily integrated with existing systems and databases. It can be deployed rapidly at a low cost and offers a guaranteed four-month return on investment.

For more information, see www.islanddata.com

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