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ClarityBlue integrates KXEN's predictive modelling technology to achieve improved customer insight

LONDON 11 August 2003 - KXEN, the global predictive analytic software company, today announced an OEM agreement with ClarityBlue Ltd, an end-to-end customer intelligence solutions provider. Under the agreement ClarityBlue - a division of Sand Technology Inc. - has embedded KXEN's predictive modelling technology within its new customer insight application, Clarity-Q. Clarity-Q has been available from 1 August 2003.

KXEN's technology generates robust predictive models from large data sets more efficiently than traditional tools. With this agreement, the models produced are seamlessly integrated into Clarity-Q. Customers using Clarity-Q will gain rapid access to customer analysis and usable insights, to target each process of the customer lifecycle - acquisition, retention and growth - appropriately. More accurate information about the customer is readily available to be used to develop highly relevant and profitable marketing campaigns.

For more information, visit www.kxen.com.

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