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Data Mining used to detect credit card fraud

A Marine Corps lance corporal is in the military brig for illegally using a Pentagon credit card to buy herself a car, motorcycle, furniture and a breast-lift, according to the Marine Forces Reserve.

Sherry K. Pierre pleaded guilty and was convicted on June 17 of making $129,709.11 worth of illegal purchases on her government-issued charge card between May 2000 and June 2001 while assigned to the Marine Forces Reserve headquarters in New Orleans.

Card holders were chosen for review based on a technique known as data mining, a tool defense officials say will enable officials to weed out abuse in the future. The process involves sifting through large repositories of data and looking for anomalies that may indicate misuse, flagging the transaction, and allowing officials to investigate.

Data mining helped catch Pierre and other abusive card holders, and will hopefully nab any others in the future, officials say.

Here is the full story from ABC News.

An alert reader can notice a rather novel relationship between data mining and "lift" (:-).

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