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From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Date: 29 Aug, 2003
Subject: KDnuggets 10 year anniversary

This summer marks 10-year anniversary of KDnuggets newsletter. I emailed the first issue, then named KDD Nuggets, on Jul 20, 1993, right after the KDD-93 (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) workshop in Washington, D.C. The initial subscribers were the 50 workshop participants.

I intended KDnuggets News to be a community effort, with contributions invited from all interested data miners, and whatever success KDnuggets has achieved is a reflection on the strength of data mining and knowledge discovery field and its world-wide community of researchers and practitioners.

Currently, KDnuggets News is the leading newsletter in the field, with over 11,500 subscribers from 98 domains, representing about 90 countries, and all continents (except for Antarctica).

Top domains by the number of subscribers are:

.com , USA, .net, UK, Germany, China, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Greece, Israel, Switzerland, South Africa, and Russia.

I want to thank KDnuggets advertisers for supporting this effort and I am grateful to KDnuggets subscribers for making it worthwhile!

All of the issues of KDnuggets are available on-line at www.kdnuggets.com/news for researchers interested in trends in the field.

By the way, the name "KDnuggets" stands for Knowledge Discovery Nuggets -- brief "nuggets" of interest relevant to knowledge discovery field.

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