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From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Date: 30 Sep, 2003
Subject: Poll Results: RSS is still very far from wide adoption

The previous KDnuggets Poll asked:

What is your experience with RSS (Really Simple Syndication):

Based on the response, this technology is still very far from the mainstream. RSS is an XML based format for Web Content syndication. Some promote it as a possible alternative to email-based distribution of news. RSS avoids viruses and other email-associated problems, but requires an active newsfeed.

Of 122 votes, about 80% said they never heard of it, and another 10% heard of it but never used it. Only about 7% were active users of RSS.

Some interesting comments:


  • Avoid all the deliverability problems posed by email (spam filters, bounce management, etc)
  • Reduction in audience reach because subscribers need to install aggregator software not email clients, desktops, or browsers
  • Elimination of publisher's ability to control branding and layout of messaging, as all content is squeezed into really simple format
  • Reduced availability of subscriber-level marketing data available from recipient interaction with html email (open rates, click-through rates, within message transaction facilitation)
Here are full poll results and comments.

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