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NeuralWare Announces Launch of NeuralSight®, Automated Data Mining Software

November 10, 2004 Pittsburgh, PA. NeuralWare, a developer of award-winning desktop neural network data mining software, introduces NeuralSight, the newest member of NeuralWare’s family of neural network model development products.

NeuralSight augments and enhances the NeuralWorks Predict® platform, which enables researchers and analysts to create robust neural network models for prediction, classification, and clustering applications. NeuralSight extends the power of Predict by providing a Graphical User Interface for handling datasets too large for Microsoft® Excel, and by allowing modelers to specify model performance requirements. NeuralSight then automatically selects and ranks the best neural networks from a set of networks built by Predict during an unattended model building session.

Typically, building and evaluating models to analyze large quantities of multivariate data for enterprise applications or analytic/diagnostic devices requires considerable administrative time and effort by the modeler, in addition to the time needed to compute and review performance metrics. NeuralSight automates this process so that hundreds, even thousands, of models can be built and evaluated without modeler intervention, thereby greatly increasing productivity and substantially reducing development costs.

Visit NeuralWare on the web at: www.neuralware.com

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