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From: Eric V. Siegel
Date: 13 Feb 2005
Subject: Predictive Analytics with Data Mining: How It Works

DM Direct Special Report, February 15, 2005 Issue,
By Eric Siegel

Although you've probably heard many times that predictive analytics will optimize your marketing campaigns, it's hard to envision, in more concrete terms, what it will do. This makes it tough to select and direct analytics technology. How can you get a handle on its functional value for marketing, sales and product directions without necessarily becoming an expert?

The answer is, in order to know precisely how predictive analytics may benefit current marketing operations, you do need to learn a few specifics about how it works. This short article covers just enough of the inside mechanics to eliminate predictive analytics' "voodoo" status. Here you will learn what a predictive model is, and how it constitutes a key form of business intelligence by actively guiding marketing campaigns. To this end, we'll take a look inside to see how a model works and how it is created.

Here is the rest of the story.

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