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Subject: Jim Gray and Mark Compton on Databases and Advent of Data Mining

A Call to Arms: ACM Queue vol. 3, no. 3 - April 2005,


Long anticipated, the arrival of radically restructured database architectures is now finally at hand.

Avalanche of Information

We live in a time of extreme change, much of it precipitated by an avalanche of information that otherwise threatens to swallow us whole. Under the mounting onslaught, our traditional relational database constructs—always cumbersome at best—are now clearly at risk of collapsing altogether.

In fact, rarely do you find a DBMS anymore that doesn’t make provisions for online analytic processing. Decision trees, Bayes nets, clustering, and time-series analysis have also become part of the standard package, with allowances for additional algorithms yet to come. Also, text, temporal, and spatial data access methods have been added—along with associated probabilistic logic, since a growing number of applications call for approximated results. Column stores, which store data column-wise rather than record-wise, have enjoyed a rebirth, mostly to accommodate sparse tables, as well as to optimize bandwidth.


Advent of Data Mining

One step closer to knowledge. To see where we stand overall on our evolutionary journey, it might be said that along the slow climb from data to knowledge to wisdom, we’re only now making our way into the knowledge realm. The advent of data mining represented our first step into that domain.

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