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PRESS RELEASE: BioComp Systems Releases Industrial Process Modeling Software

May 4, 2005 -- (MINNEAPOLIS, MN)

BioComp Systems is proud to announce the official release of "BioComp Process Modeler", a new industrial software tool for easily creating predictive models of product properties, production and process events. These models are typically used as "virtual sensors", property predictors and as a foundation for model-based closed-loop industrial process optimization.

Process Modeler is an integrated concentration of essential features from BioComp's suite of desktop tools which cuts the modeling effort by 70% and makes it easy for any process or product engineer to use. For example, in one benchmark, a user was able to model and predict a five well oil platform's production to 99.59% accuracy and document his results, in a mere 56 seconds. This model is used to optimize lift gas injection for enhanced production.

For more information visit www.biocompsystems.com/products/processmodeler/

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