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Text mining: A golden opportunity for HP

By Barney Beal, News Editor, 06 Jun 2005 | SearchCRM.com

Text mining technology, which promises to dig deep into your company's textual data and deliver valuable, actionable intelligence, was a hot topic several years ago. But it has been relatively slow to evolve and gain widespread popularity.

"It hasn't gotten the huge traction people thought it would," said Alexander Linden, a research vice president with Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Inc. "It's occupying niche industries. We remain optimistic, but the adoption speed is slow."

Areas like claims fraud in the insurance industry, criminal intelligence in government agencies and clinical trial testing in the life sciences industry have all seen some success with the technology, but such scenarios remain fragmented and infrequent. Where text mining has found some success is in customer-facing operations and in integrating with CRM systems.

"The breakthrough in text mining is with some of the CRM solutions and the people who have applied that to CRM," Linden said.

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