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Surveillance to detect abnormal behaviour on public transport

1 August , 2005 Reporter: David Weber

An Australian company is developing a surveillance system which is designed to detect abnormal behaviour on public transport.

The plan is to create software that identifies criminals and suspects, by matching faces to a database. The software would also pick up actions that are considered unusual, anything from vandalism to terrorism.

The company, DTI, has contracts to develop the security system for transport authorities in Perth and in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

David Weber reports.

DAVID WEBER: The company DTI is working on the technology with Curtin University.

The technology will be established for buses and may be adapted for trains.

Professor Svetha Venkatesh, from Curtin's Institute for Multi-Sensor Processing and Content Analysis.

SVETHA VENKATESH: The research institute has been working for some time now on trying to detect patterns in data. The data can be anything, you know it could be camera data or sensor data. And essentially what we're going to be doing with DTI is looking specifically at camera data and trying to see whether we can solve some of the problems with respect to detecting events that happen in a bus that people might be interested in.

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