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KDnuggetsTM News 06:n10, May 30, 2006

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  1. Poll Results: Disapproval of NSA Data Mining
  2. New Poll: The Largest Database You Mined
  3. Google Trends - what the world is searching for
  4. Why the Data Diverge on the Dangers of Vioxx
  5. New FAQ entries: C4.5 algorithm, Classification vs Prediction, Where to find data
  6. Top items from KDnuggets News 06:n09, May 16
  1. GenIQ Model: Variable Selection, Data Mining, Model Building, and more
  2. Oracle Data Mining (ODM) - Free self-study tutorial
  3. Introducing Vivisimo Velocity 5, "Search Done Right"
  1. DATA MINING: Levels I, II & III [ Wash-DC: June | San Diego: Sept ]
  2. Free Webcast, June 15: Building Blocks to Evolving Your Analytic Practices
  3. Invitation to Machine Learning Summer School, Jul 24 - Aug 4, Taipei, Taiwan
  4. Predictive Analytics for Business and Marketing, Oct 19-20, San Francisco, CA
  1. Cambridge, MA (preferred) or East Coast: Sales Engineer, Business Analytics at InforSense
  2. Englewood (near Denver), CO, USA: Director of Decision Science at First Data Corporation
  3. Omaha, NE, USA: Manager of Data Mining and Modeling at Omnium Worldwide
  4. Eagan, MN, USA: Research Scientist at Thomson Legal & Regulatory (TLR)
  5. Bellevue, WA: Mathematics and Modeling-Manager (06-1010116) at The Boeing Company
  6. Des Moines, IA, USA: Specialist, Pricing at Nationwide Insurance
  7. Redmond, WA, USA: Research Software Design Engineer at Microsoft
  8. Burbank, CA: Senior Research Scientist, Matching Sciences, RX1000015424 at Yahoo!
  9. Burbank, CA: Analytics & Business Intelligence Manager, RX1000014967 at Yahoo!
  10. Burbank, CA: Data Analyst, Loss Prevention & Analytics, RX1000014535 at Yahoo!
  11. Burbank, CA: Senior Software Engineer, Business Information Group, RX1000013087 at Yahoo!
  12. Burbank, CA: Senior Software Engineer, RX1000015409 at Yahoo!
  1. Post-Doc Position in Data Mining/Bioinformatics at USC/UIUC
  1. Finding Value in Text Analytics, Whitepaper by Seth Grimes (free)
  2. New developments in click fraud
  3. Safeguarding Privacy While Mining Data
  4. A Data Miner's perspective on the NSA Database
  5. Can Data Mining Catch Terrorists?
  6. Your Data Manager's Ransom Note
  1. MS Researchers Tackle Automated Malware Classification
  2. Merck follow-up: no extra risk in Off-VIOXX period
  3. Data mining pioneer Rakesh Agrawal joins Microsoft
  4. Bill Gates on Beyond Business Intelligence
  5. Insightful News: NCI Awards $1.4M, SunGard's Fame Integrates with Insightful's S-PLUS
  6. iAdvantage & StatSoft offer a eStudy 5.0 - Stat/Visualization Suite
  7. Pironet NDH and prudsys bring the Recommendation Engine to the Future Store of METRO Group
  8. UK Financial Group Deploys SPSS Predictive Analytics for Credit Risk Management
  9. Searching for Images by Similarity
  10. Anderson Analytics Launches AA-Projective, AA-Assurance and New Website
  1. San Francisco Bay Area ACM Data Mining SIG Meeting, June 14
    Machine Learning Summer School, Jul 24 - Aug 4, Taipei, Taiwan
  1. WEBKDD'06 - Knowledge Discovery on the Web, due Jun 1
    ICTAI'06: Int. Conf. on Tools with AI, due Jun 15
    Data Mining Standards, Services and Platforms (DM-SSP 06), due Jun 18
    Temporal Data Mining, due Jun 20
    ECML/PKDD 2006: Data / Text Mining for Integrative Biology, due Jun 28
    Knowledge Discovery from Data Streams (IWKDDS-2006) workshop, due Jun 28
    KDID 2006: Knowledge Discovery from Inductive Databases, due Jun 28
    Ontology Mining and Knowledge Discovery from Semistructured documents (MSD 2006), due Jul 20
    Applications of ML in Medicine and Biology, ICMLA 06 Session, due Jul 21
    ICDM'06 Workshop on Mining Evolving and Streaming Data, due Jul 30
    Privacy Aspects of Data Mining, due Jul 30
    PAKDD 2007 Workshop Proposals, due Oct 20
The other problem is something I call information underload. We're flooded with information, but that doesn't mean we have tools that let us use the information effectively. Bill Gates, in Memo: 'Beyond Business Intelligence', May 17, 2006.

KDnuggets : News : 2006 : n10

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