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From: Sandy Voto
Date: 28 Jun 2006
Subject: Cambridge, MA and Irvine, CA: Scientist/Statistician positions at ChoiceStream

ChoiceStream, located in Cambridge MA and Irvine CA, is an innovative leader in personalization solutions (www.choicestream.com). We are actively looking for PhD candidates in biometrics, econometrics, psychometrics and other departments (with strong statistical backgrounds) to fill several scientist positions whose requirements are described below. We offer excellent salary and fantastic benefits.

Senior Statistician - Architect

Must have 3+ years of experience in leading statistical projects. Must have Ph.D. from a top-tier school in statistics or a related applied field (like econometrics, psychometrics, decision sciences, marketing research, or operations research). Must understand Bayesian frameworks and data-mining. Will drive research projects from initial definition through hand-off to software engineering over development cycles of 3-6 months. In additions to team management, will lead system design that is relevant to business needs and accounts for domain experts and end-user value. Domain expertise of e-commerce or web-search is a plus.


Recent Ph.D. from a top tier school in statistics or applied statistics (such as econometrics or psychometrics or marketing research). Will work under leadership of domain architect to build best-of breed statistically robust platforms. Must demonstrate In-depth understanding of Bayesian methods and estimation with MCMC methods. Must demonstrate creative statistical thinking for problems and familiarity with techniques like factor and cluster analysis, modeling/estimation with unbalanced panel data, multidimensional scaling and latent variable modeling/estimation. Activities range from data management/exploration to recommender performance modeling/tuning to creative identification and estimation of preference-models and classification-schemes.

ChoiceStream develops personalization solutions for online consumer services, search services, e-retailers and iTV providers. ChoiceStream's patent-pending technology helps companies increase customer loyalty and drive sales by automatically delivering the most relevant content and products to each consumer

Please have candidates submit resumes to careers@choicestream.com (please have candidates mention position of interest in subject field of the email). If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Sandy Voto, Human Resources Generalist/Recruiter at 617-498-7841.

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