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Subject: Insightful Free Webcast: Best Practices In Data Mining, Oct 12

Free Webcast: Best Practices In Data Mining

Oct 12th
8:30 PDT
(11:30 EDT)

Speaker: Peter Shaw, Senior Consultant, Insightful Corporation

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How do you extract, recognize and act on the valuable knowledge that is buried in your vast amount of data?

Your company or group has been amassing a large quantity of
specialized data that captures day to day events. Unlocking the
valuable information contained in this data can give your group an
advantage in making business decisions going forward.

How can your group best extract this knowledge in this data, learn
from it, and use this knowledge to guide your actions and key business
decisions going forward?

In Part 1 of this two-part Web cast, we describe the types of
situations where data mining is useful, and the value it can add to
business decisions. We will cover the key steps of successfully
incorporating data mining into your practice, the types of tasks that
can be accomplished with data mining techniques, and best practices in
making the data mining activities a success.

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