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Subject: New Book: Data Preparation for Data Mining Using SAS

Mamdouh Refaat
Data Preparation for Data Mining Using SAS
ISBN: 0-12-373577-7
A great source for practical recipes useful on a commercial/professional scale

Are you a data mining analyst, who spends up to 80% of your time
assuring data quality, then preparing that data for developing and
deploying predictive models? And do you find lots of literature on
data mining theory and concepts, but when it comes to practical advice
on developing good mining views find little “how to”
information? And are you, like most analysts, preparing the data in

This book is intended to fill this gap as your source of practical
recipes. It introduces a framework for the process of data preparation
for data mining, and presents the detailed implementation of each step
in SAS. In addition, business applications of data mining modeling
require you to deal with a large number of variables, typically
hundreds if not thousands. Therefore, the book devotes several
chapters to the methods of data transformation and variable selection.

We include full and readily usable implementation code for dozens of
data mining macros for SAS on accompanying CD.

Critical Acclaim for Data Preparation for Data Mining Using SAS:

It is easy to write books that address broad topics and ideas leaving
the reader with the question “Yes, but how?” By combining a
comprehensive guide to data preparation for data mining along with
specific examples in SAS, Mamdouh's book is a rare find—a blend of
theory and the practical at the same time. As anyone who has mined
data will confess, 80% of the problem is in data preparation; Mamdouh
addresses this difficult subject with strong practical techniques and
methods. If you are working on an SAS data mining project, this book
is a must! If you are working on any data mining project, the
techniques and methods will be a guiding light! --Frank Byrum, Cormine Intelligent Data, LLC

For more information and to order, visit: http://www.mkp.com

This book is available for purchase on www.amazon.com
and at all fine bookstores.

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers

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