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From: Ingo Mierswa
Date: 06 Oct 2006
Subject: Free open-source data mining: YALE 3.4

We would like to introduce the new version 3.4 of the free data mining and machine learning environment YALE. It was released on October 3rd, 2006. Among other features, this release offers enhanced input handling methods for various file formats and database systems. You can find a discussion of the new features at


Probably the most important enhancements were done in the area of data set loading. The new input formats include operators for Microsoft Excel and SPSS. Several database systems are now natively supported and database access is much easier than before.

Beside other major improvements and several bugfixes, this version also provide the possibility to define macros, an improved logging engine, and new configuration wizards for the operators ExampleSource and DatabaseExampleSource - this drastically eases the usage of these complex and powerful operators. Of course, this release also contains the latest Weka version.

You can download the newest version of YALE at


Ingo Mierswa

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