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Anderson Analytics Helps Lingerie Boutique "Under-stand" Buyers' Attitudes about Underwear

Anderson Uses Psychological Profiles to Recommend Specific Marketing Strategies

Stamford, CT - October 2, 2006-Anderson Analytics, a boutique market research consultancy, recently helped GigisCloset.com, a new online lingerie retailer, better understand how to segment today's online women. The study utilized AA-Projective, a revolutionary research tool that combines psychoanalytic projective methodology from the social sciences with Anderson Analytics' state of the art text mining techniques.

The study which identified five distinct segments of women, confirmed Gigi's Closet's hunch that the average sized American woman, referred to as 'Ms. Online Plus', feels underserved by current retailers such as Victoria's Secrets who cater to a younger smaller woman. The study also discovered another very attractive segment of women which Gigi's Closet's management had not identified, 'The Career Woman'.

Unlike regular segmentation research which only takes into consideration opinions, behavior, and demographics, in the study, AA-Projective allowed Gigi's Closet to also understand subconscious motives and concerns of women interested in purchasing lingerie online.

Women in each of the five groups were found to be psychologically distinct from one another. Specifically, the Career Woman and Ms. Online Plus demonstrated psychological characteristics that are more amenable to Gigi's Closet's value proposition than other groups.

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