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ChoiceStream Recommends a Better Solution for Netflix’s Movie Service

RealRelevance™ Personalization Already Delivered to Millions of Consumers Each Day

Oct 6, 2006. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ChoiceStream, Inc. today announced it has the answer to Netflix’s call for anyone who can create a better personalization solution to help power its DVD recommendation service. Netflix recently announced a $1 million prize as part of an initiative to improve its personalized delivery of movie recommendations. As the leading provider of personalization solutions for online entertainment services, e-retailers, TV and mobile providers, ChoiceStream has powered personalization for companies like AOL and Yahoo! for years.

Netflix uses collaborative filtering, a first-generation approach to personalization that relies on clickstream patterns and trends to predict consumer behavior. Netflix acknowledged on Monday that its recommendation system needs improvement and announced its search for a new approach to deliver more relevant DVD choices to its subscribers.

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