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Subject: Defining Text Analytics

by Seth Grimes, February 8, 2007

Ive been writing and speaking and consulting on text analytics for years. This work led to a recent call from Philip Russom, an analyst at the Data Warehousing Institute, late of Forrester, Giga, Hurwitz, and Intelligent Enterprise. Philip invited me to contribute an expert comment -- my take on "text analytics" in six sentences or fewer -- for a forthcoming TDWI report on BI search and text analytics.

I failed. I took eight sentences -- we’ll see if Philip cuts them down -- and I thought Id share the lot with you.

Text analytics is technology and process both, a mechanism for knowledge discovery applied to documents, a means of finding value in text.

Solutions mine documents and other forms of 'unstructured' data. They analyze linguistic structure and apply statistical and machine-learning techniques to discern entities (names, dates, places, terms) and their attributes as well as relationships, concepts, and even sentiments. They extract these 'features' to databases for further analysis and automate classification and processing of source documents. They exploit visualization for exploratory analysis of discovered information.

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